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Welcome to the Emotional Fitness Academy

What is the Emotional Fitness Academy?

The Emotional Fitness Academy is your “Centre of Excellence” in experiential education and training with personal and professional development specializing in EQ (Emotional Quotient) and E-Fitness (Emotional Fitness®) facilitated in large part over a digital platform and on a global scale. The Emotional Fitness® Approach and tools of Emotional Fitness® have been in place since 1984.

To provide greatest value and support, the Emotional Fitness Academy is equipped with professionally licensed educators, facilitators and faculty members with life experience that align with their licensed Emotional Fitness® training. The Emotional Fitness Academy offers specialized just-in-time experiential education & training tools aligned with professionalism, accreditation and leading-edge educational pursuits.

Our triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit) ensures we put people and the planet first.

The Mission of the Emotional Fitness Academy is to educate people through Emotional Fitness® tools in order to use their personal and professional strengths while executing their growth & development so they are in turn empowered to educate others.

Core Values: Authenticity, Creation, Dedication, Excellence, Family, Integrity, Trust

Opportunities To Grow With Emotional Fitness®

A World That is Emotionally Fit

The “A World That is Emotionally Fit” group is a video meeting open to the public. During these sessions, the tools of Emotional Fitness® are experienced in small groups for you to get a taste of Emotional Fitness® and start incorporating change in your personal and professional life.

These hands-on, practical demonstrations will allow you to experience Emotional Fitness®, to take control of your own life and listen to yourself with more clarity. You can take what you learn here immediately to your own life and work.

Would you like to be heard?

Emotional Fitness® For Men

“Emotional Fitness® For Men” is an experiential education and virtual training group for male participants supported by like-minded individuals and facilitated by licensed members.

This experiential event provides an opportunity to experience the approach and tools of Emotional Fitness®, such as Listening Power and Group Dialogue, which have been successfully used and developed for over 37 years.

The mission is to give men the opportunity to listen to themselves and each other by utilizing specific Emotional Fitness® tools. After generating an action plan to address and resolve current challenges, these sessions will create a greater sense of balance and connection.

Meet Your Co-Facilitator For These Two Events


Shilo Staffen, Licensed Emotional Fitness® Coach

Emotional Fitness® Instructor (In Training)

In my mid-twenties I slipped into a self-destructive path which lasted close to 5 consecutive years. I found these processes of self-discovery allowed me to finally grab hold of the questions I’ve been trying to find for myself.

I grew up focused mostly on athletics and music. I held boxing in high regard, going on to defeat a bronze medalist of Canada in 2012. I thought I was pretty physically fit and had a good ear for lyrics and deciphering the meaning. It was not until I managed to experience the approach of Emotional Fitness® and tools like Listening Power that I realized a structure for hearing myself at such magnitude is possible.

I’m currently achieving personal success as a sales consultant with Lounsburys and in a relationship in which I am very happy. I look forward to the facilitation of these tools in hopes that others will do the same for their loved ones and of course for themselves.

Individual and Leadership Coaching

Individual Coaching

Do you prefer one-on-one connections? Perhaps individual coaching is the best path for you! Individual coaching is an excellent choice if you struggle with problem-solving and decision-making or feel like you aren’t living up to your true life potential and need direct support. Individual coaching gives you personalized, tailored support that fits your needs!

With a licensed Emotional Fitness® Coach, you can experience all nine tools of Emotional Fitness®, completely tailored to you to help you know yourself best. Now is the perfect time to start getting closer to yourself! At the Emotional Fitness Academy, we are here to help you get through these challenging times and come out the other side more centered.

Are you ready to be heard?

Organizational Coaching

Are you an employer or an employee who struggles with a work culture that lacks integrity and authenticity? Is your team struggling to maintain focus due to interpersonal struggles or the stress of an ongoing pandemic? Our organizational coaching program may be precisely what you need to boost team morale!

With our Emotional Fitness® tools, move toward greater productivity, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. Give your team a benefit they won’t get anywhere else by being positioned as an efficient communicator and be heard so that you can experience the best work relationships possible.

How can we help you and your team?

Personal Development and Licensed Coach Training

Personal Development

Our Emotional Fitness® Personal Development Course is for those in need of change. Personal change can often be difficult, without the proper support or means for hearing oneself. Through this 122-hour program, you will experience a clarity of self that you have not yet experienced. Our Emotional Fitness® Personal Development course is an intensive program in which you will experience the 9-steps of Emotional Fitness® and learn to grow and use these tools on yourself and others.

Experience greater personal depth, understand your deepest desires and transcend inner child wounds. Step into the life you want to lead, listening to all aspects of yourself along the way with the support of several others including instructors and peers.

Are you ready to hear yourself?

Licensed Coach Training

Do you not know where your life is going? Do you want to use your life experience to begin helping those around you? If that is the case, then you may be a good fit for our Emotional Fitness® Coach Training Course! Several times a year we offer a hands-on Emotional Fitness® Coach Training Course to those looking to take a deeper dive into personal development and pick up new life long skills, while creating new opportunities to generate revenue and change lives.

This 122-hour program can complement your current life, help facilitate your own personal growth and lead you toward a new fulfilling career. With Emotional Fitness® Coach Licensing, you can really make an impact on your world.

Are you ready for the next step?

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