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When traveling, emotional fitness is essential. I will refer to Warren Redman who founded what is now the Emotional Fitness® Approach and in development Emotional Fitness Institute Cooperative. He based his work on Heimler, Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls, and Eric Berne. The main message and core belief of Warren Redman based on Heimler is that each person needs a healthy balance between satisfaction and frustration. This seems to describe an aspect of those travelers who are referred to as “nomads”. Paul Heller of FiftyPLusNomad.com calls this the “Itchy Feet” syndrome. When traveling for long extents at a time some of us are searching for the sheer pleasure of the search and enjoying being left with wanting and seeking more. Each time a new horizon is discovered, the objective is to set sail for another destination.

The need that drives us is as important in the balance as that of reaching those dreams. Although many approaches are available, in this article I would like to share the tools of Emotional Fitness® with respect to creating balance. Nomadic travelers face difficulties that are unique and at times some of which we may not even be aware of. They may surface (before we leave on our journey, during, or upon returning to our chosen home(s)). Emotional Fitness® tools with a coach or on our own can help us to maintain a balance while striving to explore unknown destinations. No need to be a nomadic traveler to explore unknown destinations, our own inner world can be an adventure of its own. I am the only person to decide what is best for me at any time in my life and I believe the answers I seek are already waiting to be discovered within. As a coach I do not guide you to your destination, I have agreed to be a co-traveler in your trek and will offer tools for you to find your own roadmap(s). I believe you are the only person suited to choose your destination and how you wish to get there. When traveling the physical world or our inner world; I believe that the more tools we have, the better equipped we are to explore and grow and if you choose enjoy the voyage.

Mario Leduc, Choice Coaching
“Our choices are the vehicles in which we travel”

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