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Being emotionally fit has many dimensions. To be emotionally fit first you must be nutritionally fit, physically fit, educationally fit, immune fit and be able to balance and maintain all these aspects of your life simultaneously. These components of life are all interrelated and co-dependent. If you have not put good maintenance habits for all these areas into your daily and weekly schedule, you will not be very successful in your immune health or emotional life.

Your immune system is dependent upon you being nutritionally fit by providing the fuel and repair parts for your body. Being physically fit keeps your immune system strong and tuned up by building muscle, cardiovascular strength and cleansing your body. Being educationally fit by constantly challenging your brain when learning new information and skills helps to grow new neurons and neural networks.

By improving your brain through learning, you are growing more synapses that allow you to recruit more brain power into emotional fitness®, problem solving, creativity, and more new learning. All of these activities help to reduce stress in your life. Less stress in your life means better sleep and rest which leads to cleansing and repair of worn body parts, filing of new information and memories for future retrieval. In addition, your body removes Amyloid plaque buildup from your brain, the main cause of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Stress is one of the biggest factors in the weakening of the immune system, emotional unfitness, stopping people from regular fitness, and encouraging unhealthy lifestyle choices such as consumption of high sugar foods, excess alcohol or drugs usage and other risky addictive behaviors.

Being emotionally fit means filling your life with the regular healthy habits that create a healthy immune system.

There are four immune boosting nutritional items you need in your immune tool kit.

Zinc supplement which reduces the incidence of pneumonia and antibiotic usage and also decreases the duration of colds and flu by a day or more.

Vitamin D3 or the sunshine vitamin has been shown to reduce the incidence of respiratory infections in winter. Conversely, research has shown that a deficiency in Vitamin D3 increases your risk for influenzas of which covid is one type. Living in most of the Canadian latitudes will require you to take between 10,000 IU to 15,000 IU per day.

Elderberry extract has been used successfully to treat colds and flu by inhibiting the growth of influenza viruses.

The fourth immune tip is to reduce solid food consumption with regular fasting to allow your body to cleanse and get re-energized. This is especially true when you are starting to feel run down.

Ask yourself this question:

If you are not properly taking care of yourself, how can you effectively help others or even expect them to make the required changes in their lives?

Keaton Van Bryce, An Authentic Maverick

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