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The Day in the life of an Emotional Fitness coach on holidays.

By Keaton Van Bryce, ‘the authentic maverick’

Awakened from a sound sleep by the beeping of a trouble alert signal on the security system at 2:30 AM., I groggily arose from a dream about designing a hanging salad and herb garden wall. After all I was on holidays, the first time in decades, had been gardening for five straight days and starting to feel rejuvenated. I went through the protocol steps to shut off the trouble signal. There was still no communication with the monitoring system, but since I was home, I could still re-arm the system to be alerted if there was an intrusion. I decided to try and sleep a few more hours and then call the monitoring system.At 9:00 AM., I called the monitoring company, and was transferred to a customer service rep. I outlined my experiences over the past three Thursday mornings of being awoke by this trouble signal at 2:30 AM with a communications error. I was told that it was a problem with my telephone company, and I would need to deal with it myself. She was about to hang up when I reminded that I was a long-term customer (since 1980) and expected some customer service. You see, the old security company had been bought by my long-time telephone service provider and had provided outstanding service. I reminded her of the company’s service offering and was told that she worked for the old company and not the new company. I replied that the new company had sent me new door and window stickers along with lawn signs, and they were now billing me for my monthly monitoring. She totally ignored what I had said, and repeated that she worked for the old company, and said I would Have to solve the problem My self.I was with a malfunctioning security system, totally shocked with the total lack of customer service and the feeling of not being listened to. Instead of calling right back, in hope of getting another service rep, I went out to run errands, and to think about what just Happened. On the way to purchase my lotto ticket at the co-op customer service, I noticed a professionally dressed man with a computer tablet attached to his wrist. After going threw a twenty-minute line-up, I saw him still standing there, and walked up and asked why he was standing there. He said that he was a product rep and was there for an appointment with the manager. I introduced my self, and asked him to tell me about what he did. His whole demeaner suddenly changed. He smiled and started talking about the company, the products, and wanting more shelf space for their products.He sure seemed to need be listened to, so I used the listening tool by setting a contract to listen for a few minutes or until his appointment started. He opened up and spoke about the challenges of being a product rep to large stores and how they didn’t seem to respect his time. I asked some clarifying questions, and his dissatisfaction with his work and being tired of the games being played by the large stores. I asked what was he really interested about in life. He became really animated and talked about making a change to combine his hobbies with a business that would allow him to semi-retire. Several more clarifying questions, then I summarized what I had heard and asked what actions he would take to follow his dreams, and invited him to write the dreams down and his actions he would take. He entered them in his tablet, thanked me by saying that he was truly inspired and would be working toward his new opportunity starting today.

Having just utilized the emotional fitness tool listening power to make someone’s day better, I proceeded to my next two covid lineups where I utilized the learning from experience tool to visualize what was wrong with my security system. Remembering that I had to trouble shoot security problems in the information management career almost twenty years past, had a telecommunications certificate, I formulated a plan to solve my security problems using the e-fit tool, group dialogue.

I called the security company back and got a new rep. This one was experienced, and was also a level two telecommunications tech. She asked what problems I was experiencing, and looked at the past notes. I asked if we could pull a few people together to solve the problems. A customer care person came on the line, and I reviewed my experiences with my thoughts of what was happening with the system. The group repeated back what hey had heard, I agreed, and then they asked some clarifying questions which I answered. They took a few minutes to read the system history from the original instillation to present. Both people offered suggestions on the best solutions to solve the problems. They both felt that the current system was unable to cope with other current technology, and bent over backward to give me a solution for trouble free service. They asked what action I would be willing to take. I accepted their solution of a completely new state of the art smart security system with all new sensors, and its own built in cell phone to avoid future communication issues with land lines. In addition, to the free system, there was free instillation, and a decrease of four dollars per month on the monitoring fees. The group dialogue approach worked, with the result of three happy people. Both reps thanked me for working with them to find a solution, the one tech said that she was inspired by the process and an opportunity to work as a team. I will be sending in a positive performance report to the manager of customer service to give these people recognition for an outstanding customer service job.

I observed that emotional fitness tools are so easy to carry through life and work incredibly well in real life situations to help generate positive outcomes in potentially stressful situations. As an emotional fitness coach on holidays, I was able to utilize three different e-fit tools inspire people, solve real life problems, and to enjoy going about my holiday in a pleasant rewarding manner.


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