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There is a presence in Western Canada of Emotional Fitness®.  Keaton and I are happy to have reconnected with the Emotional Fitness® Family’s father, Warren Redman.  We are refreshing our skills to become licensed and re-licensed as coaches.  We are continuing to pioneer with other coaches and educators.  We are coaches who want to be directly involved with the growth of Emotional Fitness® and are gladly participating in the birthing of the Emotional Fitness® Institute Coop (EFIC).  The EFIC is a challenging project to which mature volunteers are welcomed!  Member’s businesses will be united, supported and promoted by the Co-op.  Together we will be stronger and will cooperate to assist one another in achieving the goals that we have each set out.

The Emotional Fitness Institute is currently offering “EFit Family & Friends” and “A World that is Emotionally Fit” via Zoom. Even with three hours difference between Western and Eastern Canada, we attend when possible to keep our skills up-to-date.

Programs such as “EFit4Women” on Thursdays and “Creative Flow” on Mondays are also offered and available for participants to attend.  As coaches, we are becoming stronger through listening and sharing.  Keaton is creating a workshop as well as writing a book and I am defining Grandma Jo, my branding name. MaryRose is a good sounding board and is very much appreciated.

Keaton, MaryRose and I are participants and slowly but surely we are getting ready to offer our own services for EFIC. Stay in touch!

(Grandma Jo) Jocelyne Wandler, 18 March 2021

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