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The Emotional Journey of a Police Officer’s Battle with PTSD by Norm DeVarennes

The author relates his incredible 28 year journey in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, culminating in his retirement following a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.  DeVarennes develops his story from a series of journal posts initially created as therapy to address the impact of a very challenging career.  His account describes a series of stark, brutal and sometimes disturbing realities that shape the lives of police officers.  He effectively outlines his responses to those cumulative stressors through an intriguing writing style that brings the reader into his world.

DeVarennes built his narrative in support of his clearly articulated objective to help others facing similar challenges dealing with mental health and PTSD.  He recognizes how his career impacts his family members and those relationships that are critically important in supporting how he copes and recovers from his emotional journey.  Invisible Wounds is a book that will appeal not only to those in policing but to first responders, military and anyone who has an interest in learning more about one individual’s inspiring story.

Chapter titles in this book are especially compelling and provocative, ranging from “What is Wrong with Me?” to “Doubts and Doubters”, “Camaraderie”, “The Breaking Point” and “Losing Control”, to name just a few.  Each chapter delves into fascinating accounts that describe rage, adrenalin rush, coping strategies, shame, black humor, suicidal ideation and more.  Although content is clearly factual and non-fiction, the reader sometimes feels immersed in an unbelievable roller-coaster of events and emotions that relate the author’s life.

Invisible Wounds deserves a 5 Star ranking and is a book that will appeal to a wide audience for years to come!  If you have not yet had a chance to pick up the book, I encourage you to do so.  You will not be disappointed!

Dr. Richard A. Vaillancourt

The Emotional Fitness Academy is proud to partner with Norm to address the “Invisible Wounds” that impact first line responders, spouses, families and the community at large. The latest information is posted on our Facebook Page as well as the web page at https://emotionalfitness.academy/invisible-wounds/.   There have been a number of interviews recorded between Norm and Dr Vaillancourt which will appear on the website over time. We are fortunate to partner with Sean DeVarennes , Norm’s Son who is a regular blog contributor and shares some cutting edge information – tools to build resiliency and strength. FB Lives and additional resources will be populated as the “Invisible Wounds” initiative organically grows.

Thank-you for contributing to this initiative, we look forward to co-creating and make a difference together!   

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