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The Emotional Journey of a Police Officer’s Battle with PTSD by Norm DeVarennes

Dr. Richard Vaillancourt

I’m excited to announce some updates to our Invisible Wounds program through the Emotional Fitness Academy!  We have lots in the works to update you on, so here goes!

During the past couple of months, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Norm to discuss his new book Invisible Wounds.  We will be launching a series of eight short recordings of those interviews, including one interview with Norm’s wife Sandra and son Sean.  These will be posted to the Emotional Fitness Academy Invisible Wounds website for you to view at your leisure.  For me, it was an intriguing opportunity to learn more about Norm’s journey with PTSD, including the impact his experiences had on two of his family members.  Together, we explored many of the topics from his book as well as several related topics I believe everyone will be interested in.

As you can see from the schedule being rolled out here, there is plenty more to come!  We began with an April 20th Zoom breakout room session during a bi-monthly “A World That is Emotionally Fit” event.  It was clear to us there is a great deal of interest in Norm’s book and the topic of PTSD as it relates to not just police officers but also first responders, military and all those who might enjoy learning more about this topic and its impact on physical and mental health.  During our session on April 20th, it was suggested by some participants that we should expand our Zoom breakout room sessions to 100 or more participants!  We are poised and ready to take on that challenge!

In addition to Sean DeVarenenes’ second blog article posted in this newsletter, the following activities are slated for the month of May:

  • Wednesday, May 5th: Interview #1 to be posted to the Invisible Wounds webpage
  • Tuesday, May 18th: Our second Zoom breakout room session as part of our “A World That is Emotionally Fit” event
  • Wednesday, May 19th: Interview #2 to be posted to the Invisible Wounds webpage
  • Thursday, May 20th at _____: our first “Connect with the Author” Facebook Live event
  • Monday, May 24th: Launch of our new Invisible Wounds Chatroom

We hope you can participate in each of these May events and promise there will be much more to come during June and July.

Norm’s book is now in wide circulation through the Emotional Fitness Academy, online at Amazon.ca and available at both Chapters Dieppe and Chapters Fredericton.  Norm has also taken part in a number of related events, with further details to be posted in future newsletters and on our Invisible Wounds website.

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