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E-Fitness for Invisible Wounds

Invisible Wounds


Mission – Educating people through Emotional Fitness® tools in order to bring awareness to the emotional impact of mental health and PTSD with the objective of executing their growth & development so they are in turn empowered to educate others.

Core Values – Dependability, Fairness, Humility, Inquisitive, Integrity, Logic, Transparency

Emotional Fitness Academy

Meet the Co-Creators

Darren Duguay

Norm DeVarennes

BBA, Police Officer Retired

Norm is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer after having served 28 years for the federal police force. He worked in the Provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Yukon. His experience included general duty work (front line officer) either as a Constable or Shift Supervisor. He worked as a highway patrol officer where he was a serious accident investigator on top of many other duties.
Dr. Richard A. Vaillancourt

Dr. Richard Vaillancourt

B.Comm, MBA, DBA

Rick is a retired Credit Union CEO and now on the Faculty of the Canadian Credit Union Association where he facilitates management and board governance programs. As a resource for the Emotional Fitness Academy, Rick works with Norm to moderate and interview a series of dialogues related to Invisible Wounds.



Darren Duguay

BSc, BEd, EFI, CD1, n.d.

Darren is a former Community College instructor of eight years and has completed 27 years service in the Canadian Armed Forces. He earned his Emotional Fitness® Coach and Instructor’s certification through the Emotional Fitness Institute. Darren has personal experience managing Complex Post Traumatic Stress (C-PTS).



Invisible Wounds: The emotional journey of a police officer’s battle with PTSD

Emotional Fitness Academy

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This book was written in an effort to help other police officers, first responders, military and correctional officers as well as family members and people of the general public in understanding the toll a career in policing has on their mental health which is also mirrored in other professions.

The Emotional Fitness Academy will be  facilitating a series of experiential education and training programs in support of invisible wounds.

Norm DeVarennes
with Dave Ficere

Emotional Fitness Academy


Having worked with Norm during my career and as an active police officer, I can relate to what Norm has written. I feel that this book is a reflection of the person that he is, a caring and helpful person who wishes to help others. I believe that his experiences can help officers and first responders at any point during their career. Also, as a Veteran of the Afghanistan war, I know that all of us can’t fix ourselves if we don’t acknowledge our own struggles. This book has helped me see that our emotional survival is paramount, and having the support from management, colleagues, and family is a necessity. I am proud to know Norm, and this book rings home on so many levels.

Dan Rossignol

Active Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer

Former Canadian Forces, Military Police, Ottawa, Ontario

I had the honor of working as Norm’s partner in policing for many years and have much respect for him as both a police officer and a friend. I commend him for writing this book and how he poured such raw emotion into it. His revelations are shocking but necessary in the telling of his story, and his passion for this topic is undeniable. This book is timely whether you struggle with PTSD or not. It will take you on an emotional journey through his first hand experiences, and you may even find an ‘aha’ moment along the way. This sharing of his stories will undoubtedly touch, if not save many people’s lives when they realize that they are not alone.  

Cst. Lisa Spracklin

Retired Police Officer 30 years

Newmarket Ontario

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