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I wrote this book twenty years ago – right at the beginning of the 21st century – the start of the new millennium. The attack on the World Trade Center in New York had just taken place. I said then that the event, which horrified so many people, would quickly become a blip on the radar screen of human consciousness.

We know now how much has changed. War. The explosion of terrorism. Heightened security everywhere. At the same time, technological developments and the growth of social media have brought about massive upheaval, including revolutions, civil unrest as well as greater understanding of the plight of disadvantaged people, and the inequalities that exist around the world. Some of the results have been positive; some negative.

The arrival of the new pandemic Covid-19 has caused immense disruption to our way of life. It is too early to tell what the longer-term outcomes will be. Will this change our way of being, thinking, and acting?

So far, I see little evidence of any of these tidal waves of events teaching the vast majority of humans anything. We react too slowly, or not at all. We elect leaders who are totally unsuited to the role. We continue to take decisions and live our lives in the face of all evidence that shows we are heading towards danger. And none of this takes into account the biggest existential threat of all – that of the climate emergency.

The unmistakable outcomes of all these external threats include levels of stress, negative behaviour and human misery on a scale that was beyond comprehension even twenty years ago.

There are two broad choices for humanity. We can despair, accepting there is nothing we can do except to continue into oblivion. Or we can take the path that I describe in this book, and that I have worked with, and taught for over thirty-five years. Attempts to travel to Mars will not be the solution. The journey we must take is the one that takes us into inner space – and into our emotions. That is truer now than it has ever been. Only when we are emotionally fit will we be able to take healthy decisions, have peaceful and loving relationships, and create satisfying and fulfilling work.

My goal is not to change the world. It is to strive to become more emotionally fit, and to offer the tools that have worked for me to anyone who wishes to try them. This book describes those tools, and the impact they have had on people who have learned to use them.

Along with other changes in my life, I have stepped back from this work that has meant so much to me, handing it on to others with the enthusiasm, energy and determination to carry it forward through the Emotional Fitness Institute.

The vision of the Emotional Fitness Institute is a world that is emotionally fit. I hope you will want to become part of that.

Warren Redman, Creator of Emotional Fitness

Shediac, New Brunswick, September 2020

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