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book achieving personal success

Achieving Personal Success

An Introduction to Inner Balancing

By Warren Redman

This is a book for people who seek a new understanding of themselves and others.

It’s also a book about change:

  •  how you can change the way you see yourself
  •  how you can reach new personal insights
  •  how you can unlock the things that have been holding you back

Most of all, it’s a book to help you find your own balance in life and in work and to help other people to do the same.

You’ll discover:

  • the power of genuine listening
  • what satisfies and frustrates you and other people
  • how you can achieve your own personal success and to help others achieve theirs

ACHIEVING PERSONAL SUCCESS introduces you to a new and powerful process that can discover the positive and negative energy within people and encourage them to find the success that they seek in relationships, work and inner harmony.

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