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Emotional Fitness Coaching

Emotional Fitness Coaching

How to develop a positive and productive workplace for leaders, managers and coaches.

The concept of emotional intelligence, which helps people identify, assess and control their emotions and understand those of the people around them, has been widely used in business for many decades. However, despite its popularity there is a lot of conflicting information on the subject and it can be a difficult theory to apply to the workplace on a practical level.

Emotional Fitness Coaching is the practical approach to applying the principles of emotional intelligence to the workplace to create a healthy, positive and creative environment in every situation. Based on 30 years’ experience in the field, it offers a toolkit for people to be better managers, leaders and professionals while also feeling more at ease with the interpersonal skills vital to any business relationship.
Using a storytelling approach, it covers a range of techniques including Power Listening, Learning from Experience, the Power of Group Dialogue, Creating Balance and Emotional Fitness Storytelling. Each tool is described and examples are given of how each could be used in various work circumstances. Exercises throughout the text provide the opportunity for the reader to apply the tools directly to their own context.

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