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This article was originally published in the District 45 Toastmasters Newsletter for May 2021. As the report card continues to deteriorate in the areas of Stress, Mental Health, Domestic Relationships, Suicide, Organizational Culture and many areas of life, I felt a modified version should be posted within our June Newsletter.    

On a scale of 0-20, how well are you doing overall? What is your ideal score?

What does it look like to go from where you’re at to where you’d like to be?

In the book 9 Steps To Emotional Fitness, A Tool Kit For Success In The 21st Century, there is a tool that allows us to quantitatively score where we’re at. This tool is called Lifescale

What does this tool look like? Let’s take a look and actually go through it ourselves. First, find a peaceful quiet place where there’s no interruption while being in a calm relaxed state. Take three deep breaths and go! On a scale of 0-20, 0 being low and 20 being high, score yourself on the following six questions in this moment as it relates to your present life experience. Write down the first number that comes to mind during the first 2-3 seconds. If you are uncertain what the questions mean, interpret what the questions mean for you. Note that there are two columns and at the end of answering the six questions please add up your scores in the left and right columns and place the total scores at the bottom. This is your total score for Satisfaction or positive energy (left column) and Frustrations or negative energy (right column) out of a total score 60 for each column.

Score each question on a scale 0 – 20

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What does your total scores tell you? What would you like your total scores to be? What areas would you like to see improved in order to increase your overall life experience?

If you would like someone to listen to you so you’re able to explore what these scores and your Lifescale means for you, I invite you to partner with an Emotional Fitness Coach who is trained to facilitate Listening Power so that you are able to make greater sense of where you’re at while activating an action plan to move you to where you’d like to be.

I wish you great success in exploring where you’re currently at with listening and what the future desired picture may look like.

Darren Duguay, Emotional Fitness® Educator, BSc, BEd, CD1, n.d.

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