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Tips for successful ageing and rejuvenating your brain at any age
Turning thirty is a good news bad news experience. First the good news, you have reached the start of middle age and can experience all that life has to offer.
Now for the bad news, the warranty on your body has just expired and you will require more repairs and maintenance much like a classic car.
The rest of your journey through life will require expending time and effort on building your body and mind to maximize your quality of life.
Here are a few tips to rejuvenate your brain at any age!
1. Don’t retire. Don’t stop being engaged with meaningful work. You probably have noticed some people try and avoid any work at any age!
2. Always look forward. Stop looking backward. (Reminiscing doesn’t promote health) You only have the present so be here and now.
3. Exercise. Get your heart rate going, preferably in nature.
4. Embrace a moderated lifestyle with healthy practices.
5. Keep your social circle exciting and new.
6. Spend time with people younger than you.
7. See your doctor regularly but not obsessively.
8. Don’t ever think of yourself as old (other than taking prudent precautions)
9. Appreciate your cognitive strengths – pattern recognition, crystallized intelligence, wisdom, accumulated knowledge
10. Promote cognitive health through experiential learning, traveling, spending time with family and friends, immersing yourself in new activities and situations. Always do new things.

These are excerpts from the book “successful Aging” – a Neuroscientist explores the power and potential of our lives – by Daniel J. Levitin the author of “This is your brain on music”.
These tips are excellent healthy habits that will help you to keep your body and brain operating at a higher level while helping to give purpose to living an emotionally fit lifestyle.
Remember “knowledge is only of value if it is shared” attributed to Albert Einstein,
And “knowledge is life changing when it is actually applied to your life.”
‘The authentic Maverick’

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