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Where the voice of inner wisdom resides.

Inner wisdom a gut feeling, a sixth sense an inner knowing.

A spiritual inner voice.

Within, is this where the answers can be found?

Do I want these answers enough to humble myself and examine the life I have been living?

Can I accept that things may need to change?

Interception – the ability to look within and discover who I am.

To see myself not as others see me but as I really am!

Am I courageous enough to look?

No filters, no embellishment’s just the raw unedited version of me.

Within is where I will find my truth, my answers, me?

How can I trust this inner voice after my entire life has been guided by external forces?

Am I strong enough to concede and relinquish my power and hand it up to God?

To date I have found no answers and see nothing to lose as I surrender and go within!

Carmen Moar

Emotional Fitness Within
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